Friday, 7 June 2013

blippar in the cupboards

A small post-twitter experiment for the weekend.

I decided to try that Blippar application by pointing it into a kitchen cupboard.

Blippar is one of those augmented reality applications that pings up extra information when it recognises the right content. You sometimes see Blippar enabled adverts for cars, on platform hoardings.

My casual iPhone scan of the cupboard struck Blippar gold straight away, when it's camera identified a bottle of barbecue sauce and pinged up a series of recipes. Okay, the recipes were along the lines of 'make something and squirt Heinz product into it', but it proved the point.

Then it spotted Marmite, which asked for a vote about Like or Hate (Like, obv). And a packet of crisps which seemed to offer a mini weather forecast. The iPhone knew where in the world the crisp packet was located and whether the conditions were suitable for outdoor consumption.

Companies are tentatively experimenting with this at the moment, but I suppose it won't be long before we start to see more; there's already AR bus stop advertisements for pizza and a certain charity.

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