Friday, 24 May 2013

awaiting the photofit pigeons

Salt Beef and Pigeon
The bike can be almost silent as it spins along the road.

I'll even make it create scraping mechanical sounds if I think I might startle someone on a quiet lane. It seems better than ringing bells or calling out which can seem annoying and almost rude.

The bike's stealth catches wildlife unawares. Sometimes a last minute flurry as birds flap from the road. Everyone says magpies and crows steal shiny objects. My silent speed shows fleeting gruesome truths of these birds attacking small rodents aiming first for the eyes.

Or larger birds of prey swooping to try to drive smaller animals out of fields towards traffic.

The 2013 edition birds are beginning to appear although everything seems later this year. It's messing with my low flying bird theory.

I reckon the newbies survive by flying above car height, which could explain the extra lane carnage usually around May. I've already seen a couple of birds crash into the glass of the house this year, bouncing away to fly another day. I'm pretty sure one was doing that territory thing and somehow chasing its own reflection. Ouch.

But not the ouch that goes with those ghostly bird imprints which start to appear on windows around now. Usually cartoon photofit images of startled pigeons.

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