Thursday, 25 April 2013

skip a dee doo day

Skip time
The 2013 decluttering season has started and the first skip of the season turned up today. Needless to say, it was soon filled and there is again a small walkable area in the garage.

A few interesting artifacts this time included:

  • The stripy sofa bed, which had to be comprehensively wrecked in order to remove it from upstairs. We really tried to get it out whole, but it just destroyed a wall again.
  • A lawnmower which hasn't worked for 3 years
  • The chassis from three computers, once stripped of their disk drives
  • A novelty musical keyboard which, if switched on, plays continuously because something went wrong with its circuits
  • A surprisingly large amount of cardboard and those bubble bags which need to be individually popped so that they don't take up too much room
  • The scam Italian designer gear I negotiated at the end of that run in London. That has gone into a charity bag, actually.
  • A few broken electronic devices
  • A whole lot of other bric-a-brac that I can't even remember, but not anything that anyone else would want.
Along the way I found an impossibly large collection cleaning products and painting and decorating materials. Crates full of it. I think I could start a separate business as a sideline. Of course, the reason for the surplus was because the prior purchases were all too well hidden in the chaos.

I also found the snow boots I was looking for a few weeks ago, and I'm wondering why we have quite so many pairs of wellington boots.
Skip time
I've also encountered a few species of spider, including an enormous house spider that I decided to encourage to go outside. The garage wasn't big enough for both of us. The foolish thing has hidden under the skip, so I don't fancy its chances if it stays there when the truck returns.

Despite its name, it's one of those spiders that looks perfectly good 'outdoors', but isn't the type I really want in the house.

And now, I think I need a shower and a fresh change of clothes.
Skip time

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