Friday, 12 April 2013

park lane park life

45 Park Lane
In a rainy Park Lane, people watching London wrapped against the wet and cold.

Enough traffic to remind that this area of London continues at full strength, and the procession of expensive new carrier bags along the pavements sufficient to show that people were out buying.

It's the top two squares on the UK Monopoly board, so not too surprising that it seems to be recession proof.

I'd parked underground and the adjacent cars were four Porsche, a Bentley and a Roller. The adjacent Dorchester hotel entrance is a well-known spot for supercar spotting.

Judging from the noisy mobile phone calls as we walked from the car park, much of the foot traffic around the area was from overseas.
bugatti veyron + lamborghini reventon
Our dining was a consequence of the many special offers in the capital at the moment. It's traditionally a February phenomenon to go to fancy restaurants on a low tariff, but this season, like the poor weather, the offers have extended right into April.

I won't describe the all the courses, suffice to say that the butter lettuce salad, avocado, shropshire blue cheese, and Champagne-herb vinaigrette topped with edible purple flowers was delicious.
45 Park Lane
And I wonder how how long it will be before Google adds an extra colour to street-view to illustrate prime celebrity viewing zones?

In London, this is a film star, rock and models area, with the Dorchester, 45 and China Tang as good spots to see people.

This Wolfgang Puck restaurant boosts the attraction for out of town Hollywood folk, looking for a familiar equivalence to Spago. It was actually amusing to see people from other tables look towards us as we left...Just in case.
45 Park Lane


OldLady Of The Hills said...

That Salad sounds perfect! Butter Lettuce is my favorite...and everything else in it are my favorites, too!
That last picture looks like it is a very Art Deco room....Very Very pretty!

rashbre said...

Naomi Indeed art deco design, although I think the lobby and restaurant were only opened a couple of years ago.

It's actually the boutique part of the Dorchester, which is across the road.

We met Wolfgang Puck at his restaurant close to you, actually - The Spago in Beverly Hills, by Wilshire and Canon Drive, where he joined us at the table for a while.

Ellie said...

Make me miss London. x