Sunday, 21 April 2013

in which I make muddy tracks

Bike ride
I'll admit that the route was a trifle muddy in places, but the orange bike is still the default at this time of year.

I do have a mountain bike "the silver boingy one" which is the preferred one for off-road, but my so-called 'winter' bike can also tackle the less demanding off road stretches.

We're just coming up to the change-over when the blue and white bike is pressed into service. It's the one with the fancy light-weight frame and skinny tyres, best left at home in the poorer weather. It wouldn't like the terrain here and would just make a hole in the ground.

The orange bike has wider tyres and all the gears are hidden away, so it is comparatively well-behaved on the poorer roads of winter and spring. It also has a better ability to go cross-country.
Bike ride
I usually keep it on roads, but today ventured along a path that I've noticed a few times. It's a path has been sufficiently soggy to best be avoided, but today, had mainly dried out.
Bike ride
It looks fairly easy going in the pictures, but trust me, there was enough slurpy ground to make parts of the route quite hard going.

I'm sort of kicking myself though, because it's a route I pass quite often yet haven't ever investigated until today.
Bike ride


Nikki-ann said...

Looks like a good ride :)

Pat said...

I'm waiting until they make saddles more cushiony - a lot more!