Sunday, 28 April 2013

Breakfast in Mayfair

London, West End
An early start in Mayfair today, in a fancy apartment that falls out onto Piccadilly. An ideal opportunity for a stroll around the still deserted Green Park. The City of London can be quite deserted on a Sunday, whereas this area should still, by rights, be busy.
London, West End
So it surprised me that the morning brought a sleepy start to the tourists, giving an initial tranquility to the streets and other public areas. Piccadilly with only three cars in sight is a rare view, especially on a sunny morning. Even the area around Eros was quiet, although a few were posing for the statutory photographs.
London, West End
As I drifted into a sleepy Chinatown, the hoards of tourists started to descend. Another half an hour and everything will have reset to normal.
London, West End
I circled back, ahead of a rendezvous at 11 o'clock. As I passed Eros again, it was already busier, with groups beginning to congregate to be taken on walking tours or bus rides around the centre. It is a strange zone here, with many sets of people on different orbits, intersecting but often unaware of the wild range of possibilities within a one or two block radius.
London, Piccadilly Circus & Eros
For me, the last few days have been pretty arty, although my next proper work project was supposed to kick off on Monday. I've just heard that there may be a delay, which gives me time to get involved in another fun project that's been on my mind.

More later, as they say.


Nikki-ann said...

Nice shots!

It is rare to see London so quiet... although I have noticed that town and city dwellers don't seem to rise until well gone 9am.

Apparently, the day and time to catch London at its quietest in daylight is dawn on Christmas morning.

rashbre said...

Nikki-ann Good point about the late rising although in the week its pretty common to be in the city for 0800. I used to set my alarm for 05:40.

You are right about the quietest time - I've never done it but theres usually a few people who take those shots on Christmas morn. If you are ever in the City on a Sunday its also quiet until about 10am.

Pat said...

The black and white gives it an unearthly feel.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

It's fascinating to see London so very quiet and empty! Great shots, my dear.

rashbre said...

Pat and Naomi
Yes, it was early and quite other worldly compared with prime-time London.