Friday, 1 March 2013

space cruiser grounded after particle collision

car in the garage
Well, I took the car to the dealership to get it fixed. There was shaking of heads as I handed over the key. The stone hitting the windscreen has created ripple of challenges.

I'd also discovered a couple more faults on the way to the dealer. When it started to rain, the wipers would only do their very intermittent setting. The automatic lights were not coming on. The list of faults continues to grow.

Perhaps a man with a van and a hammer is insufficient to fix modern windscreen technology with its embedded computers, sensors and aerials.

I sipped a super-hot car dealer coffee and idly watched the news loop on the television. My car appeared behind the big glass wall in the spotless repair zone and studious looking technicians examined it.

I decided that space travel was going to remain out of reach for everyman. If a car is now as sophisticated as a small space cruiser, then adding flight and low gravity doesn't bode well for family use.

They told me that the repair to the windscreen had severed some wires and damaged the head lining of the car. There was also a small camera which might have been affected.

My car is only 2 years old; they said it should be put back to factory condition. They'd have to order the parts including a wiring loom which may need to come from Germany. They predicted it would be next Wednesday before it would be ready.

I shall be adding more bicycle mileage over the next few days and fortunately I'm working in Central London at the moment.

Meantime, I'll have to make do with cowboy bebop manga space cruisers.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

Everything is soooo damned sophisticated that fixing anything these days is no longer simple! Not till next Wednesday??? Help!

rashbre said...

Naomi I've persuaded the glass fixing company to get me a loaner if I need it. I shall, however, attempt to use a bicycle for my trips until Wednesday.

Ellie said...

Cars .... That's why I don't have one.