Sunday, 3 March 2013

raw fingers and incompatible dry cleaning

Training Peaks
Yesterday's cycling expedition included raw fingers, simply because I thought I'd use my bright yellow fingerless gloves.

My cycling jacket with the full gloves in the pockets is in the boot of my car, which is still at the dealer awaiting the system refit.

Other parts of me that started out cold soon warmed on the bike, but my forward facing fingers needed some soothing balms after my return home.
I've been keeping an eye on my 'year to date' cycling statistics too, and making the bike more of a habit is helping me hit my various targets.

I haven't properly checked February yet, but I think it will be somewhere between 600-700 miles. With that in mind, I should be able to hit my bigger targets for 2013.

My recent hanging around in a car dealership meant I noticed that many finance deals for cars are proposed on the basis of annual mileages of 5000-6000 miles, which isn't so different from my projected cycle target for the year.

Although I did realise that today's mission to collect the dry cleaning wasn't really bicycle compatible.

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