Wednesday, 27 March 2013

ogooglebar may become a good pub quiz question

google swedish national day
I see there's a bloggbävning* developing now that Google has taken issue with the Swedish adding 'ungoogleable' to Swedish words and is threatening some kind of trade mark infraction.

I can't help thinking it's drifting across the informal mantra of Google which runs along the lines of "Don't be evil"

I get it that Google may attain more press coverage and sliddersladder from simply making a fuss about the trade mark question, but it seems to be somewhat kuf, as the Swedes might say.

Of course, ungoogleable has been used for a long time in the UK with reference to the 'ungoogleable' round in pub quizzes, designed to stop the nomofobs from winning. And the people who bring their paddas. Some things should remain in the köttrymd.

Along the lines of these easy examples:

72 p in a b?
What have these three items got in common? brush, wrap and fur
Which is the odd one out? roundabout, helter-skelter, revolution, taxman

And for a bonus, What's the one word answer to the hidden missing question in the last one above?

You get the idea.

Even if Google doesn't.

* Bloggbävning = blogquake
* Nomofob = (Swed-lish for no mobile phone phobic)
* Padda = generic name for iTablets and other eTrinkets.
* Köttrymd = non digital world. Literally meat space(!)
* sliddersladder = gossip
* kuf = oddball

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