Saturday, 16 March 2013

why i won't miss google reader

feedly example
I did configure google reader, but in truth I never used it.

There's a couple of other little utilities that I've used, which are very fast and browse many feeds with just the arrow keys.

My favourite desktop one has been netnewswire (which I think was called netgator previously). Easy and really fast to use, in my case it keeps an embarrassing 45,000 entries routinely buffered up for browsing. My biggest problem is remembering to delete dead and duplicate feeds. Just a mouse click admittedly.
Then along came reeder, which has a similar style of interface, slightly glossier but less direct arrow-key based although even the paid version insists on dropping adverts into the stream. It seems to top out at 20,000 buffered items. I still mainly use netnewswire over reader.
And to move to gloss over speed, there's feedly, which is probably the one most people will migrate to. It looks very sleek on most platforms, and serves up nice graphics, but becomes more browsy rather than fast to read.

The 'In my feedly' column can get a bit confused when you have a lot of feeds. You'll see on my example that it has randomly selected rashbre central twice as well as 'Metroblogging Orange County' which is hardly one of my most common reads. I suppose if I used it more I'd clean up these aspects.

I do already have my RSS feeds in groups with folder numbers (like 40 for Technology)
Feeder 40 Technology
So I suppose google reader's demise creates a catalyst for me to rethink my RSS browsing.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

I have to admit I don't understand a word of what you said. I feel so stupid! could be writing in another language as far as I am concerned---I guess it IS truly a foreign language to me.

rashbre said...

Naomi You have to excuse my occasional slightly more technical posts.

Ellie said...

Feedly comes out as the likely no 1 replacement, but I am intrigued by taptu.

rashbre said...

Ellie The flipboard/picture type readers maybe look good but seem to be slower to navigate if theres a busy feed.

Lady Banana said...

I like Feedly, but it did take some time to get it just as I wanted it, and to understand what did what. I'm not missing Google Reader at all now!