Sunday, 31 March 2013

cross town traffic, so hard to get through to you

Westbourne Grove
The yellow lines and parking bays were switched off and most of the shops were closed for the long weekend.

We were on our way to a Spanish pirate restaurant for a late lunch tapas before heading south across the river for a family occasion.

el pirata de tapasEl Pirata de Tapas has that casual London thing with close tables and a buzz. We enjoyed the selection and the time whizzed by. Then to the south. One of those situations where a few wrong road choices could add a penalty half hour to the journey.

We did okay though, not taxi driver precision, but still a good route south, including through some of those areas which I'd place slightly off of my own beaten track.

As always, there's little cross town routes that work better with instinct over knowledge.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

One has to be a real wizard to get around all the traffic in the world EVERYWHERE now. People here are complaining bitterly---ALL THE TIME---about how horrendous the traffic is now. Worse than ever, they say. I can believe it. I can see it from my windows---the main drag down below me, La Brea Avenue---is packed ALL the time now. Day and Night, And LL hours of the day and night---all are bad.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

That should read ALL hours of the day and night....
The "A" went!

Pat said...

Thought of you whilst pounding London pavements around Russell Square and the National Portrait Gallery which I loved.
Taking photos in Russell Square there was a building in the distance which looked just like the Shell building. Could it be?

rashbre said...

Naomi I suppose some parts of London do still get quiet times for traffic, mainly the City at the weekend. Not so sure in L.A. though, my own experiences there were of it always being busy plus some significant road closures affecting journeys.

Pat Not sure that you'd be able to see the Shell building from Russell Square. Maybe if you were on a high floor? The give-away would be the adjacent London Eye wheel.

NPG is entertaining and has that fine Man Ray photography exhibition at the moment.

Ellie said...

Have you tried Tendido Cuatro on New Kings Road?

Ellie said...

Have you tried Tendido Cuatro on New Kings Road?