Thursday, 28 March 2013

centre weighted dashboard analytics

Okay, so I've checked out the trend for putting the dials in the middle on cars. It doesn't seem to make a lot of sense, but it is allowed so long as the dial is within direct field of view of the driver (UN/ECE R39 /2439)
citroen picasso speedo on passenger side
Citroen have gone central and even programmed a set of computer readouts which display the speed only on the passenger side in a UK car.
citroen changed to have dials again
I see they have reverted to including some normal dials on more recent models.
ion board with speedo in middle
I can't understand why the Saturn Ion does it, because I thought that car was only available in US markets, where the steering wheel is always on the wrong side in any case? And they've slanted the dials towards the left hand driver.
scion_xb_suv dials offset
Toyota seem to have had doubts on their Scion where they have added an offset pod still outside of the normal area. Like they forgot and had to tap it on afterwards.
toyota with dashboard in middle
Another more deserving example is the Toyota Yaris, where the dial has been in the middle of what is actually quite a small car, so I guess it's like sharing it with the passenger anyway.
yaris after they changed it back\
Although on the new one they seem to have changed back to a set of dials by the steering wheel.

So I'm not still sure about this Chrysler trend.
chrysler red and black dash

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OldLady Of The Hills said...

I had to laugh when you said 'the steering wheel is always on the wrong side' in the U.S. Well, by my way of thinking it is always on the wrong side in the!