Saturday, 16 February 2013

genuine original equipment spare parts

guitar pickguards
I'm onto the finishing touches for the home-made guitar now.

A padded bag arrived from the USA today with a pickguard in it.

I've already fitted it, but then decided that maybe I prefer the look without one. It's one of those things where even with a selection of colours from my Cadbury's biscuit tin of miscellaneous guitar parts, I'm not sure whether this home-made guitar needs a guard?

Actually, I didn't have a tin of guitar parts before I started this project, so it is quite surprising how I seem to have accumulated enough parts to almost build another one. Of course most of the parts are screws and widgets already laying around that didn't know they were suitable for guitar construction until I started the project.

Come to think of it, the biscuit tin is sort of guitar body shaped...And I do have some broken strings...
hmm, guitar shaped biscuit tin

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