Saturday, 5 January 2013

visions of sugarplums were gonna dance in my head

Recycling the wine bottles
A few minutes to sit quietly now the new year is beginning to spin up to full velocity.

Yesterday we started the complicated meetings (4 sites together in a call) and next week I'll be on the road for at least part of the week.

I've still a few end of 2012 archiving things to do with various rashbre computers. I'll be resetting Outlook to a fairly empty state, shuffling some folders around and also restarting a new Aperture photo library for 2013.

I know I could just let things roll along, but it feels like the right time to reset things at the start of the year. The 2012 Aperture library is around 85Gb, which still takes a while to copy.

I've also reset my cycling goals for 2013. I hardly cycled at all in December (I just checked and it was 85 miles).
2012 achieved
I've decided to use the 2012 cycling outcomes as the basis for 2013 targets. It is good as I now have a full year of recorded numbers, month by month.

When I started at the beginning of 2012, I set a 40 mile per week, 160 mile per month, 1800 mile per year sort of target. I was aware that I'd need to fit cycling back into my 'habits' for it to work and I decided that a lower target was probably better psychologically.

I also rapidly discovered that it was best to have a week that started with a Sunday and finished with a Saturday, so that I had a chance to (a) get ahead or (b) recover if I was behind.

The 'actuals' from last year were pretty good and I think I finished at around 4,600 miles and just over 110,000 Calories which was well beyond my original target and sets a bar for this year.
2013 targets
I've been using one of those heart rate monitors throughout which is a kind of way to measure input. My next foray is into 'Watts' which is a measure of output and I'll see how that works over the coming months.

I haven't really got started properly yet this year because of little bike issues - I am slightly amazed that a short term unused bike has managed to pick up a couple of minor glitches. Fortunately there are others to pick from so I'm still cycling. So far its 87 miles this year, so it's a bit of a look uphill at the moment.

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