Friday, 11 January 2013

such stuff As dreams are made on

I couldn't resist a few minutes of google time to check out some of the dreams stuff from my last blog entry although the field of cigarettes didn't get a mention.

The interweb versions have an aspect that's quite like magazine horoscopes, appealing to a kind of pop-psychology. A few examples are:

  • Being chased: avoiding something often emotional - very common
  • Naked in public : vulnerable
  • Snakes: Being threatened (apparently the most common threat animal in dreams)
  • Spiders: weaving webs/ deceit
  • Falling: things not going so well
  • Flying: superior and sexy
  • Lost: er - being lost in life
  • Water: renewal and purification
  • In an out-of-control vehicle: anxiety - ambition obstacles
  • Late for something: anxiety at work/school/life
  • Unprepared for a show: afraid of under-performing
  • Hot and steamy: apparently it's only 8%-11% of dreams for most people - but everyone will always claim it to be top
  • Being shot: Apparently more common in America to get this dream?
  • Can't use phone: can't communicate
  • With celebrity: may reflect low self esteem
  • Paralysed: going no-where, something holding back
  • Feeling of frustration: Commonly used as a threat rehearsal
What strikes me is that nearly all of these popular dream fragments have an overt downside.

I think I may have to be somewhat more elemental in my own outlook so I'll propose the fun going forward of:
  • Earth : expansion, success and happiness;
  • Water : Purification and renewal;
  • Fire : Cleansing and warmth;
  • Air : Freedom, exhilaration.

How does it go?

Earth water fire and air/ met together in a garden fair/ put in a basket bound with skin/ if you answer this riddle/ you'll never begin?

Cue Montage/ Dream Sequence.

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