Friday, 18 January 2013

pure as the driven #uksnow

"What's it like out?" I asked the delivery driver this morning.

"Take a look," he said.

I felt a little bit silly because I could see it was snowing.

"...and the main road?" I asked.

"Just the same. It's covering up until they bring more grit along."

I'd been shopping at around 11pm yesterday evening in the local supermarket. The streets were still clear then, but I had noticed that quite a few of the shelves in the supermarket were empty.

I'd idly thought it must be the normal re-stocking night or something, although it was surprising that they'd run out of bread and croissants.

The delivery driver handed me a box containing the bit to replace the broken bit.

"How come you are out?" I asked.

"Yes, they told us to carry on as normal. Although this is only supposed to be the start of it."

Down South we don't get much snow, so many things stop quite quickly. I notice that a Big Meeting today has just been cancelled, without explanation, but I assume it's for the same reason.

We're at 3 cm of snow now. Is that what they call blizzard conditions?
statutory robin in #uksnow picture


vladography said...

So far it's not too bad here in Derbyshire...

vladography said...

So far it's not too bad here in Derbyshire...

OldLady Of The Hills said...

WOW! That looks like a lot of Snow!!! Not having to deal with it--it looks BEAUTIFUL!!!

rashbre said...

Debra I've already seen your lovely pictures of the snow, so I know Derbyshire is getting a suitably scenic covering.
NaomiIt was deep and crisp and even in the day but started to go a bit icy by the evening.