Thursday, 3 January 2013

broken windows

driving home for Christmas
Well, we are all progressively getting back to work.

My additional (failed) domestic task for yesterday was also to take down the external sparkling lights as rashbre central returns to its normal operating state.

I had a couple of irritants along the way which deflected me from my purpose.

This included the first technological failure of 2013, when the quietest household PC stopped working. It's only used for modest duties but now it's flashing lights refuse to come on at all and the whole device lies inert.

I've tried all of the usual remove power, remove battery, use a replacement power supply, reset the hardware type things but it looks as if something on the motherboard has died.

I googled the failure on the internet and it seems to be quite a common occurrence. I have already surrendered to the inevitability of buying a replacement machine rather than attempting to repair this particular piece of hardware.

So now for the new flashing lights of the slightly mysterious Windows 8...


OldLady Of The Hills said...

It is ALL so damn daunting!!! And you are a Wizard! So, if you can't make it work----Well, I guess it is 'Bye Bye Time'....! And 'Hello' to a newbie!

rashbre said...

Naomi That will teach me about buying computers in supermarkets along with the groceries.

Pat said...

That photo is worthy of an award.
I was told it was bad luck to take decs down before the 6th so ours are blinking away gathering dust till Sunday.
My problem is how to stream something like netflix onto my TV and am trying to understand blueray and wifi.

rashbre said...

Pat We get Netflix on the television via Apple TV. Works a treat.