Sunday, 16 December 2012

the fairy lights are on the blink

twisted christmas stories
I seem to remember I was handed the above list of prompts in the form of a scroll by one of the angels of the North.

It turned out that being the donkey in the nativity wasn't such a bad thing. The year the toon cat tugged the tinsel on the city Christmas tree, it fell across the metro tracks and I was called into action.

Someone had to pull that train back into the station before the two snowman passengers started to melt.

With some further assistance from a jovial bearded man in a red outfit and his team of reindeer, we managed to get the train to where the passengers could alight. Although the snowmen didn't like that particular turn of phrase, preferring 'slip away'.

Anyway, Mariah Carey was in town to switch on the lights and when she heard about it, decided to sing 'Little Donkey, Little Donkey, carrying a heavy load' in recognition of the event.


Pat said...

Just got the tree up - its a bit wobbly- and the lights are working.
Onward and upward!

Ellie said...

Little donkey little donkey .... LMAO

rashbre said...

Pat Working tree lights already, most impressive.