Sunday, 18 November 2012

excuse to show a snapshot of a vinyl record

Okay, I know I was really playing around with wide aperture blurring of the background of a snapshot, after watching the sumptuous photography in The Killing III. I picked the record player because I happened to be sitting close to it.

It reminded me that we were chatting about old vinyl records on Friday and I mentioned that I still played them. A couple of others came forward and said they did too.

I've noticed the phenomenon that some new albums are available on vinyl again. I received one a few days ago actually - with its proper artwork and packaging.

I also ordered another one a couple of weeks ago, which gave me the instant gratification of a set of MP3 downloads, but I still have to wait several weeks for the actual vinyl copy to arrive.

There's still something right about the 20 or so minutes per side ritual of LPs compared with the snacking of shuffled single tracks.

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