Friday, 17 August 2012

time for a frech

Well the plan to get to Böblingen worked, although the Autobahn from Munich to Stuttgart is one long set of roadworks.

I remember the estimate was always that it would take two hours for that part of the journey, although the sheer number of chicanes and holdups as well as a lorry that had shed a tyre added a significant amount of time to the trip.

We'd allowed for time for it though whilst we were still back in Austria, and had visited the Schwarzsee where we'd paused for a rather lovely iced coffee before starting the journey.

We'd also headed off through a valley between the mountains instead of following the main Autobahn route. It added some time but meant that we had good scenery until we were eventually forced onto the A8 with all its roadworks.

But what can you do when you arrive? Head for Cafe Frech of course and enjoy a slice of cake and a coffee.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

Much Yuuuummmm! That cake looks scrumptious!

Pat said...

A slice? That looks like five slices glued together.
I'm just jealous!

rashbre said...

Yes - Cafe Frech used to be a regular venue where a group of us would meet for coffee and a cake - and often for Sunday breakfast. Actually, the table in the background was our regular one.