Saturday, 4 August 2012

medalicious Team GB

Jess Ennis PR shot
It's been a strange week, what with almost the entire news output of the UK being devoted to sport.

It's been exciting too, with some fine global moments as well as great medals for Team GB. Six golds in a day for Team GB. Never before.

We'll be along at the Olympic Park tomorrow, and it's been interesting to see the way that the various events have unfolded around the wider London and beyond.

The road cycling in the early days was a good example, showcasing central London as well as heading out into the countryside. It's also given the weather a chance to flex, with both sunshine and enough rain to prove it's really Great Britain.

Today has been astonishing, with rowing and velodrome wins this morning followed by the excitement of the stadium athletics into the evening.

I've also been impressed with the way that the television has managed to cover every event live and have a new admiration for what can be done with the TV's red button. The BBC has managed to squeeze dozens of extra Olympic channels underneath their main ones and most of them seem to be in High Definition too.

Well, we've got our Team GB kit ready and have received the emails about the travel restrictions. It's the peak weekend and there's also the marathon blocking off most of the central area. I'm sure we will find a suitable route.


Accidental Londoner said...

Hope you enjoy watching all the action today!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Hope you had a GREAT Time...And easy access!

I LOVE seeing London and other places...It all looks so wonderful!

I wish NBC here in the U.S. had given us the opportunity to see the "finals" in REAL TIME...! No Such Luck!
BRAVO to the BBC!

rashbre said...

Accidental Londoner - yes great day of sport and the general experience of the Olympic Park. Was there for the Bolt moment - when the whole Park stopped to watch.
Naomi Check my next entry for a mini report of the experience of visiting!