Thursday, 9 August 2012

a few idle moments

P8080068 - Version 2
I've been enjoying tranquil moments in France at the small location in the picture. I walked past the source of the River Marne to get the snapshot. The water really is blue at the source.

Now we've moved on to the Black Forest area of Germany. I even celebrated with a Schwarzwälderkirschtorte at a beautiful and entirely random Gasthof somewhere on the twisty roads. The mountain of Schlagsahne piled on the cake may not be entirely compatible with my bike riding (460 miles last month), but it had to be done.

We are currently adopting a fairly unplanned traversal of some of the hilly bits of central Europe. We’ll probably go as far as Austria and I do want to head back through my one-time home town of Böblingen, in Baden-Württemberg, southern Germany. I’ll probably have another BFG there, at Cafe Frech, which is next door to my old apartment on Stuttgarter Straße.

My work life is usually quite structured with meetings and schedules so it’s good fun to drift off in an uncertain and idle way. Last year we were in the deserts of Arizona and the year before we were along part of the east coast of the USA heading up to close to the Canadian border, so it’s about time to give Europe another road-trip spin.

But the idea of the Idler is a tricky one to balance. I know professionally I'm required to be a 'results and outcome' sort of person, so the 'slow down and find the dreams' part requires an interesting gear shift.

As tonight's sun sets, I'm on the balcony of a new room in a fresh location. A nearby clock is striking the hour, a crow caws from a nearby tree.

Life is good and I feel ever so slightly idle.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

It sounds Idylic....Especially that Cake!!(lol) That is a cake isn't it??
Lovely picture---so tranquil and peaceful...!

Accidental Londoner said...

What a gorgeous looking place. I know what you mean about the change of pace of going on holiday, but I hope you're enjoying your idleness now!

Pat said...

I wonder if you will go near Brand in the Vorarlberg where I had my first honeymoon in 1951?

rashbre said...

Pat: We were on the other side of a mountain range from Brand. Still in Switzerland at that part of the journey - probably the nearest point was around Grüsch.

I've been to Brand in the past though. We were staying at a campsite in Bludenz and decided to take a trip to the Lunersee.