Friday, 31 August 2012

a clean machine

re-installing FCP Studio
The iMac is back to full functionality using a modernised and streamlined selection of software. I could have simply run a restore from Time Capsule, but I'm glad I decided to clean up instead.

When I first started using Macs (quite a few years ago), I originally decided to see how far I could get with just the base software (e.g. OS/X, iLife and eventually iWork). It was a good plan although I did allow myself to add a few very basic utility items (mainly the Yellow Mug programs and a flickr uploader).

Then I added a few other Apple programs (Aperture for working with photos, Logic Pro for music mixing and Final Cut Studio for video)

Oh, and the inevitable Photoshop.

Aside from a few plugins from the likes of iZotope (music related) and Nik (Photo related) and that's it. The data (photos, music, videos, documents, spreadsheets etc.) are all stored elsewhere and are separately backed up.

So this cleanup has allowed me to revert to that streamlined format and I can now see how well it still works.

I suspect I now have fewer programs on the iMac than on my iPhone.

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Ellie said...

the final observation gives me a smile