Tuesday, 24 July 2012

through the birthplace of industry, a little too quickly

I was back in that town with the difficult to access filling station during this week.

Actually, I sort of chickened out. Whilst still at home I checked the gauge on the car which was 'half full'. Easily enough to do the 200 or so miles to my destination. Maybe not quite enough to get back as well.

So I filled up locally, with the specific intention of not having to go all around the houses again at my destination.

It didn't stop me from a little side diversion on the way back though, to meander through the sunshine splashed Ironbridge Gorge.

The area is described as the birthplace of industry and is rich with museums and free-standing exhibits related to industrial heritage. I'd guess theres about a dozen actual venues to peruse as well as further evidence of furnaces and similar along the roadways.
On this hot day, incongruously suited and booted from my earlier meetings, I strolled across the famous iron bridge having left my car parked in a short term bay. Then onwards through Coalbrookdale, for a short stop at the Museums, which I decided were impossible in the time I'd got, but I've noted for a return visit.

I did drop into an art installation, and spotted that out here in Shropshire, it was still classed as part of 'London 2012'.

So here's a tiny taste of Core, from the digital installations of Kurt Hentschl├Ąger.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

Couldn't get the Video to play, and in fsct, it froze everything up and I had to End Program Now.
Not sure why...But, it sure sounded interesting.
You are on the road a lot, aren't you? But it always sounds very interesting.

Nikki-ann said...

Ohh, my neck of the woods! (Well, near enough!). Ironbridge is about an hour from here and it's definietly worth a return visit. Whilst you're in the area, I'd also recommend Much Wenlock, Church Strettong and Ludlow, if you've got time! :)

rashbre said...

Nikki-ann Brilliant suggestions for other places for me to visit. Check out 30 July entry - where I followed your advice!