Thursday, 12 July 2012

security games - rapier and pillage?

Rapier Missiles configuration
I hear that the people providing security to the Olympics are falling behind with their recruitment. It's one of those stories that the TV series 'Spooks' could have used.

Instead of saying we are going to add a larger military presence to the Games because of a 'Heightened' security level, they could say that there's insufficient civilian security folk.

The sums are interesting, although no-one seems to be commenting about it. The security firm is getting paid £280,000,000 (£280 million) to provide 10,000 people. That's £28,000 per person at a simple pro-rated amount. Not their salary, of course, simply the cost of provisioning them.

Assuming all 10,000 were used for a year, thats £28k, pa, but actually most are only used for a month or less (2 months at some of the London venues).

Checking the Stratford site job adverts, the SIA badge-holder roles (e.g. to run the gates) are from 20 July to 12 September at £8-£12 per hour.

Let's assume its 40 days at £12ph = circa £4,000. Then double it for overheads and tax and stuff. £8,000. Now did I say each person was being costed at £28,000?

That creates an interesting potential surplus that should leave the main provider with some cash to pay any the fines for under-recruitment.

I also notice that the 3,500 military people to be used are reckoned to cost around £20m - At that rate 10,000 military would cost about £50m?
Someone should take a look at this example of a Government initiative being let by a private company, to another private company.

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