Wednesday, 18 July 2012


spaghetti junction

I drive around London and even with the one way systems and random road closures I don't get lost very often.

Unlike the small town I drove around earlier. My benchmark tricky road system is Boston, MA, where I have got onto ramps and then been whisked to completely different parts of the city.

I have just had a similar experience in a much smaller UK town. I just wanted to get some fuel before heading back south. I could see the filling station across the seven exit roundabout. I drove towards it, but there wasn't an accessible entrance. I had to keep going.

No problem, I can turn at the next roundabout. But no, they'd built a cunning one way section to stop me.

The filling station was on the edge of a car park. There was a sign to go into the car park. I followed it.


It took me up a concrete ramp into an adjacent multi story car park. The concrete side walls prevent me from turning around. I had to take a ticket at the barrier and drive around the car park and then exit again back into another one way system. I idly looked for another filling station.

No, I would have to follow the road system around to the other side of the filling station which I could now see was across a different car park.

A few minutes later I could see the entrance to the car park.

Another barrier, another car park ticket.

I drove across the car park towards the filling station.

Exit the car park. A big 'No Entry' sign to the filling station.

I decided they did not want to sell me any fuel.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL, LOL...Good Lord! This is a perfect "MERCURY RETROGRADE" happening , my dear. Expect more for the next 6 weeks or so....!

Nikki-ann said...

I hate roundabouts and I hate driving in cities! I find roundabouts with traffic lights the worst as you have to watch the traffic around you, what lane you should be in and what colour the traffic lights are!

Did you ever find how to get into the filling station? I think I'd have just driven in the No Entry way!

Pat said...

Nightmare stuff,
Years ago I found myself driving round and round Oxford trying to find a road towards Tunbridge Wells. Finally a garage attendant said 'Wave next time you pass!'