Wednesday, 4 July 2012

in which i acquire accidental disaster movie (lite) powers

I started to wonder if I'd inherited some accidental disaster movie powers today. Nothing too widescreen, just some accidental mishaps as I moved around the city.

The first was innocent enough, I'd picked up some train tickets yesterday for a trip today but when I arrived at the station this morning I discovered that it was closed.

Simply a delay to last night's engineering works. A bus service would be provided, but I calculated that this would cause a major disruption based on where I needed to be by 8 a.m.

So it was into the car and off to a different station where I did pick up a train, although it too was delayed because of a previous train that had broken down on the track.

Then to meet my colleague and off to our meeting, where we discovered that there was to be a full scale building evacuation as a test run ahead of the Olympics.

We managed to leave before the start of the test and I then headed into a Boots the Chemist, just as it started to have a power failure. Flashing lights and all, although the till still worked and I managed to get my hay fever tablets.

Then onward uneventfully, until later when I decided to buy some milk but discovered that the supermarket (in a completely different area) had closed all of its chilled food for some indeterminate reason.

I then had to rescue my car from the off-route place I'd left it earlier in the day (did I mention that the parking ticket machine hadn't worked either?)

And back homewards, via a petrol station which - yes - had sealed off the pumps for some kind of maintenance.

I feel as if I've spent the day in a Peter van Greenaway novel.

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OldLady Of The Hills said...

Your day sounds absolutetly horrible. "Mercury Retrograde" Shadow Period is upon us. These are the kinds of things that happen during a Mercury Retrograde...But, so many in one day?? HELP!!