Saturday, 28 July 2012

digging holes in air, alone

Well, the Olympic bicycle road race didn't go quite to plan today. The Brits held together a decent pace and influence, but a slippery group managed to break away and create a somewhat unpredictable result.

The small number of riders in each team meant it would be almost impossible for a single team to control the speed of the race. Although the Brits made a gallant attempt, there was no other team prepared to help keep the main body of the riders up with the break-away leaders.

I suppose it was not that surprising, with the Brits fresh back from their overwhelmingly good results from the Tour de France. They'd planned to position the fast sprinter Mark Cavendish to whizz to the line.

Not to be though, because when a few other riders got ahead, the opportunity for another country to help out was quietly overlooked. No-one wanted to help the peloton, because all they would be doing would be to increase the British chance of victory. So they all hung back, giving the front work (making a tunnel through the air) that much more difficult for the Brits.

Still, a fascinating race, and well played Team GB.


Pat said...

I find the politics of cycle racing hard to understand. I enjoyed the girls and our silver yesterday. But those greasy roads looked lethal.

rashbre said...

Pat Yes great to get a medal from the hard-fought Womens' race yesterday. I think Lizzie Armitstead said she preferred the rainy weather and would keep going even if other racers were deterred.