Saturday, 2 June 2012

red white and blue with an occasional white star

Flying Fortress this afternoon
There's a sort of time warp occurring at the moment. Scratchy monochrome television adverts. Re-instatements of old corporate logos. Bunting. Today's newspaper arriving with an old picture of the Queen on the front.

Yesterday I snapped a B-17 flying overhead. I know, I might have expected a Lancaster, but it was definitely an American plane, sporting a big star on the side.

I'm guessing it's preparing for a fly-by somewhere, although the artists' impressions for the Flotilla parade and the Mall fly-past only seem to show British planes.

Around here we're fairly unadorned. The television version of Britain is crammed with street parties and central London areas like the Mall, the bridges and Covent Garden are very flag enriched.

But later on, I'll be on another type of plane, and so will have to see London's events unfold from afar. flags


OldLady Of The Hills said...

There is something about old planes---so much nostalgia for an earlier time...
And I LOVE that picture of all the Flags....GREAT!

Ellie said...

Thoirs foto is ace!

Ellie said...

Thoirs without the o or r.