Friday, 29 June 2012

posh bubble lies

I passed David Cameron in the street again this week. He was walking back from Parliament to Downing Street, which is a brisk 5 minutes, dependent on traffic and obstacles.

It proved to me that he was back from Mexico where he'd distracted from Eurozone and Syria with UK tax dodging and the Falklands.

So his feet on a local pavement might be useful as world media start to provide a London focus for the upcoming games.

The bubble world creates an easy distraction. With the City as a place that makes money out of money, there's every chance to be caught in virtual unreality, like the business guy sealed into his mobile office car in Cosmopolis.

When the Libor thing first appeared in the papers it was on about page 7, along with a mention of the mere £250m fine imposed on the bank implicated in profiteering on billions. Here's the people in the city that makes it's main living out of trading promises, yet here's some of the same self-interested people trading on lies.

It's difficult to comprehend the scale of deceit now in the financial trade, with dodgy housing loans, mis-sold swaps, poor insurance practices, bale-outs at the scale of national economies, global interest leverage fixed by cartel and exploitation of small businesses through sneaky interest rachets.

No wonder submarine captain Osborne whispered "bring about" on the petrol surcharge, as another distraction. I can't work out (a) whether anything is left from that budget or (b) why cowardly Osborne still has his role.

That last statement's not true, of course. Anything's OK if you're in the Riot Club.

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