Monday, 4 June 2012

the plugs and wires are still packed

P6040061 (1)
I'm travelling relatively light at the moment, although there's still a few clothes that seem overpacked. To be truthful, I'm living out of a case again, rather than unpacking although that will probably change in the next day or so.

It means I'm mostly reliant on iPhone uploads for blogging too, until I can sort out the relevant connectors to make things work.

The view from the room and a quick snap on the walk to the beach are just about all I can manage until I get organised.

Unsurprisingly, if it were work, I'd probably have it more under control like the last two weeks when I stayed away for work. In those circumstances the electronics and connections are part of the main survival kit and I routinely plug everything in as soon as I get to a hotel room.

So my current chaos is more a feature of this being a break and that therefore the techno stuff can jolly well wait until after I've located the sun cream.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

It's fun to see your view of Miami....! Enjoy, Enjoy, my dear.

Lady Banana said...

One word: JEALOUS! lol

rashbre said...

Naomi - I think we'll be mainly in the South Beach area before we head further south.

Lady Banana The sea was particularly warm and clear yesterday on the surprisingly uncrowded beaches in the 90 degree Farenheit sunshine. I'm glad we remembered to bring some factor 30.