Friday, 8 June 2012

pelican crossing

Need speed?
Sometimes it's most unexpected moments that give one a chance to pause and reflect. Yesterday we were whizzing about on a boat through glittering seas and past others similarly engaged.

We'd decided to go to a particular reef which is about seven miles from the shore. In our speedy boat it still took about 45 minutes.

Even with the sunshine and sea the short journey gave a few minutes to pause and reflect. Maybe change down a gear and even idle a while. It's great to be busy whilst on holiday and to try to catch as many things as possible, but there also has to be spaces for those moments of calm.

Today I can still think of another 20 things to do but we've decided to chill for a while and watch the world go by. In front of me I can see other small boats skipping around, the nearby bar is busy and there's parasailing out towards the horizon.

I'm sipping a cool lemonade and there's a guy singing 'Southern Cross' and picking it out on a guitar nearby. A two foot bright green gecko slithers over for a look and then heads under a nearby rock. A pelican lazily flaps its wings as it crosses my view.


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