Tuesday, 5 June 2012

the iguana made a much better job of hiding in the car park

I know it's nearly Wednesday (it is already in the UK) and I still haven't unpacked, though I do plan to tomorrow.

Today has been meandering through a few more beaches and then eventually re-linking with the US1 and heading south towards the Keys.

I'm pretty used to driving on the wrong side of the road in Europe and America, but must admit that the bright blue car I'm using seems to attract unusual behaviours from some other road users.
Aside from that aspect, everything continues to go well and there was that magic phrase as we checked into a hotel right on Mallory Square in Key West, when they said,"We've upgraded you."

"Thank you very much" because our suite now has a view across the square, to the Gulf and the Atlantic, to the spot where the sun sets and across to where all the jugglers, fire eaters and musicians perform.

It made sense to have supper in the room this evening, sitting on the balcony and watching the sun set.

I'm liking this short break in Florida.


Pat said...

Glad to hear it. My granddaughter is due to spend her second year at Uni in Florida. My son and family holidy there frequently.

rashbre said...

Pat Yes - a fun place - although this time we are not venturing too close to the land of Mickey Mouse.