Thursday, 31 May 2012

impactful* ups and downs of an enquiry

Leveson Enq - Jay
I've been watching some of the Leveson enquiry today, with Jeremy Hunt in the hot seat.

I can't help thinking that there's an extended code used on some of the interactions being discussed, a bit like the way 'Yes, Minister' works.

Also trying to spot the bits where there's been some preparations of responses (i.e. "I'm glad you asked that question etc." vs the pieces where its genuine question and answer.

Also trying to work out which extracts refer 'upwards' vs 'downwards'. Along the lines of whether to push things towards junior special advisor Mr Smith or ever closer towards Prime Minister Cameron.

I can't help thinking that they fired Vince Cable who was against the merger and then Cameron appointed a declared pro-merger politician to run the independent quasi-judicial process.

There was an dryly humourous part about Rebekah Brooks resigning because of partisan interest during the review of News International and Hunt without noticing the irony saying 'its about time.'

And some impactful* phrases:

  • Looks on the surface like a strong UIL
  • No idea that Mr Smith was getting so many messages from Mr Michel
  • I didn't know about these discussions between Mr Smith and Mr Michel
  • Almost game over for the opposition
  • Satisfy media plurality concerns
  • JH believes we are in a good place tonight
  • JH does not mean Jeremy Hunt
  • We just need space (not a JH statement)
  • No legal wriggle room
  • Lets see what the morning coverage brings
  • What we see here { these dozens of messages...} does not reflect your opinion?
  • Keen to get to the same outcome
  • I can't remember
Leveson Enq - Hunt
* I know, impactful isn't a real word

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