Sunday, 27 May 2012

cycling towards targets

cycling targets
Maybe a little unstructured cycling this afternoon, in this hot sunshine.

I see I'm close to a couple of my targets, which I'd originally set for the whole year. I deliberately made them achievable, but I've slightly surprised myself that there's still more than 200 days to go on each.

I'm pretty sure I can hit the mileage one this afternoon, but the calories will take a little longer, even if I head out towards a couple of the little hills around here.

Update: I did 17.x miles which has cleared the mileage target, but the Calories will have to wait.

target acquired


Pat said...

It all sounds very laudable. I did enough exercise on holiday to avoid putting weight on - in spite of yummy food and relaxing my alc only at the week-end rule

rashbre said...

Pat It sounds as if you'd found a good mix for your holiday.