Wednesday, 25 April 2012

hey now baby, get into my big fat car

Never mind what difference a day makes, it's almost been minute by minute today, with my London meetings in alternate sunshine and deluges.

Similarly with the unfolding of politics and intrigue today as the Leveson inquiry continues to sound like a really good novel.

We can go right back to a meeting in New York by Hunt ahead of a secret television channel takeover bid being prepared by Murdoch. Murdoch's support for Cameron in the last UK election. Cameron's election to power and a rapid set of decisions resulting in the BBC losing some of its commercial powers and not increasing the licence fee. I'm not suggesting any direct links, of course.

Then there's the actual Murdoch bid for BSkyB which led to Cabinet Minister Cable being replaced by Hunt. Allegations about whether there was a secret 'back channel' from the office of Hunt, to the Murdoch camp. The George Club meeting of Murdoch and Cameron and then the Cameron/Brooks/Murdoch Chipping Norton set Christmas tipples at both of which it would have been improper to discuss the bid.

That just warms it up. Then there's the Murdoch company phone tapping discoveries which led to the rapid demise of the BSkyB bid. The establishment of the investigation by Leveson, which also led to the removal of a few policemen who had been inappropriately supplying information.

Now Hunt's special advisor has resigned after 168 pages of emails, texts and similar have been exposed, which were not part of the original Hunt team submission. Hunt claims the moral high ground so he clearly cannot have known what his special advisor was doing.

There's that old phrase in politics about plausible deniability. 'Hands off' - like the way the big cheeses do things in gangster movies.

No need for deniability, of course, because everyone in the witness box is telling the whole truth.

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