Monday, 5 March 2012

musing on everything's amazing and nobody's happy

apache trail
Some videos arrived to add to the bike turbo. It's a mix of routes with scenery and simulated gradients. Hmm, hamster wheel springs to mind?

I've loaded the first one onto the computer but it's taking about an hour to copy everything from the DVD onto the hard disk.

There's a few things to remark upon here. The PC I'm using is the inexpensive one I bought in supermarket with the groceries. It's connected to the internet via wi-fi broadcast from the house. The bike is connected to the same PC via ANT +. The DVD has control signals that can tell the bike where it is on the video and set the resistance/gradient accordingly.

The video gives a selection of routes including the Arizona desert, some pretty French villages in the Dordogne and a route around some French mountains.

So, having listened to that old and funny Louis CK clip on Conan O'Brien talking about technology nowadays, I thought it's best to back off from being irritated about the long load time of the software.

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