Wednesday, 21 March 2012

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I was going to write about the brilliant challenging show at the National Theatre today, but the combination of the budget and Sailor Jerry rum got the best of me, so it's a Lundun post instead. Actually I half wrote the other post but it can wait for another day. See the show though.

It was the commentary in the freebee Stannit that made me change course. Osborne has waved his red bag and new taxes have appeared. The Evening Standard was fast from the gate and profiled some Londoners. The free newspaper's analytics were a sharp contrast with seeing a show at a theatre often referred to as somewhat left of centre.

First up, the stamp duty change. House worth over £2m? So its 7% stamp duty now. That's another forty grand in tax. Next page - Let's profile a young professional - Caroline - turnover £1.6m p.a. Many of her clients are impacted by the 50% tax band. Now 45%, so every little helps.

I'll skip the rest of that page which then deals with high earners and move to the next one, which describes the more modest turnover families of £300k. They seem worried about petrol prices.

I suppose we all have our problems.

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