Sunday, 5 February 2012

a thin kind of snow

footprints in the snow We were walking around the low-water Thames tide at Ransome's Dock yesterday, just before the snow arrived. We'd already pressed our noses to the windows of The Albert, but decided instead to make our way back across the almost deserted park.

The pub was jam-packed as if everyone had decided to go somewhere ahead of the ever more excited weather forecasts.

So maybe today invites a chance to contemplate. This morning's few footprints can tell stories but it's mainly that everyone and their cats are adjusting plans.

And this snow without flurries is already fast melting. A freeze frame moment just before hitting Play.


Nikki-ann said...

Great capture on the robin there!

We must be the only part of Britain, no Europe, not to have any snow! The hilltops had some last week, but even that's gone now.

Imaginography said...

We had a flurry here but it is all gone today. Most disappointing.

Love the robin freeze frame :)

Ellie said...

I can hers the crunch crunch of the footsteps on the snow.

Ellie said...

Hear. Still getting used to typing on iPad.

Lady Banana said...

It's so pretty out.. wish it would last a bit longer!

Michael Thomas said...

Digging that image of the robin.

Pat said...

Nothing here in deepest Somerset and its turned warmer.