Thursday, 12 January 2012

we are from the sun

Sol metro, Madrid An email from an English friend in Madrid came wandering my way today. It links well with my comments a few days ago about not letting friends drop from the radar. This one was after a spectacularly long gap.

So I sent a reply and referred to some of the places I'd visited in a city that I know more from the blog posts of another.

And then a different friend's email was playfully critical of my home-made music. Their review comment translated that the music was not their cup of tea. It was too poppy, too middle of the road. This person is more avant garde in their taste. I considered this criticism a positive result, however. The original intention (as part of a curry house bet) was to make music that was mainstream.

The critique got me thinking and I decided to cut another track this evening. I wanted to take some of the same pop elements I'd used in the other music and mix them in a more electro-jazzy way. I loaded some of the loops onto a keyboard, added a midi trigger for some drums and bashed out the three minutes or so that's below. It's really only a lumpy practice track, complete with over loud fuzzy guitar, but it's an excuse to plug in a synth keyboard again.

As inspiration I wanted to call it 'Sun', faintly acknowledging all that Yes/Topographic Oceans type music, where a single track lasts 25 minutes and is named 'nous sommes du Soleil' or similar.

So my Madrid friend's email came at the right time. When I needed to think of Sun, I could instead think of Sol.

I looked quickly through my pictures from Madrid, but other than the Tio Pepe building, the only other one I could spot of Sol was the metro station.
Maybe I should add a train into the mix.

Esperando del sol (small room mix)


Ellie said...

Look at me! I'm linked! :)

Please direct me to the photo of Tio Pepe (unless it is linked in your poach which I will check as soon as I am done writing this comment). I love Apple products, but I am a bit angry and dismayed with Apple. They bought the Tio Pepe building for their flagship Madrid store. I thought that they would certainly respect the history of Tio Pepe. But no, it is gone now.

When I expressed my consternation to The Man, I said, "but how could they? Tio Pepe was emblematic!" He replied, "and Apple isn't?"

Ellie said...

Poach should be post

rashbre said...

I'll see if I can think of a reason to work it into a poach.