Sunday, 8 January 2012

tracking mileage

I've decided I might need to compromise on my cycling objectives a little. I suppose I can make some sort of sliding scale from the dark winter months back towards the lighter finer weather.

In the last week, I've recorded three sets of mileage from different days, as follows: 16, 18.8, 20.8. It gets past the target of 40 for the week, but includes mileage on Sunday (today), which I'd rather include in next week's total. I decided its better to front load the objective rather than have the whole weekend used to claw back missed objectives.

At this stage, for week 1, I've decided to compromise and split Sunday's mileage down the middle and to use half for week 1 and the rest for week 2. Therefore Week 1= 45.2 and Week 2, so far, = 10.4. It feels better to go into a new week with something clocked up rather than all zeroes.

Of course the whole thing will also be dependent on where I am/access to bicycle/remembering to take something that helps me monitor mileage. Overall this might be a tricky objective to track.


Pat said...

Yours aims are commendable.
Are they health inspired?

rashbre said...

Pat Partly. I do anyway enjoy cycling too but sometimes it can sort of drop off the list of activities.

Imaginography said...

I must admit I am a fair weather cyclist so kudos to you!