Friday, 13 January 2012


Canary The mornings and evenings are still dark, although I noticed yesterday at around five in the afternoon there was still a very small hint of light and an orange edge to the sky.

The dark somehow makes getting 'in position' for early meetings that much more challenging, and from today we've the first noticeable frost of this Winter.

By this time last year we'd had the deep snow and its related mayhem, so this year seems quite pleasant by comparison, with a soft sunlight accompanying the dusting of frost.

It's also strange that only two days ago I could contemplate my outdoor cup of coffee before the meeting, but today I somehow think I will give it a miss. Lane

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Ellie said...

Beautiful sot (both but I particularly like the bottom one.)

It is crisp and cold in Madrid now. I advised my friends who came from London of this fact, but one of them eschewed my advice and is now suffering from the "unexpected cold". :)