Monday, 2 January 2012

getting back to normal

Shepherds Market
Everything is edging back to normality now.

Tomorrow I'll be taking down the tree lights ahead of the twelfth night and we'll put the remnants of the decorations back into a big cardboard box for another year.

This year the tree isn't completely blocking the doorway from one room to another, like it does some years, but we've reached the stage where walking close to it generates a small cascade of needles filling to the floor.

It's also reached the time where the fridge needs restocking with some normal items. The fancy armagnac cream and special stilton needs to make way for more day-to-day produce. Worryingly, there are still about a dozen mince pies awaiting demolition, and I'm not sure we have anyone to entice with them.

There's also only two mis-placed presents left. One is fully wrapped but in completely the wrong location and also slightly difficult to post. The other one is some kind of foaming bath thingy and I've no idea who it was destined for. It hasn't been labelled and I'm wondering if it somehow got into the decorations box last year and has made a return appearance.

I'll also be firing up the work computer tomorrow and then on Thursday I start travelling around again.


Imaginography said...

I can always be enticed by a mince pie. I'm just glad they don't sell them all year round! :)

I'm not back to normal until next week so my tree will come down on Thursday.

rashbre said...

Imaginography Its good to be able to take some stretchy time off. I had to remove the tree early because of work on Thursday.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

It all seems to be over so quickly, doesn't it? And the taking things down and putting them away---Exhausting!

rashbre said...

Naomi Those pine needles seem to get everywhere :-)

Ellie said...

I had a total of two Xmas decorations: my stocking from childhood (hand knitted by my mother) and a tacky red-ball scarf (sent to me from my mother a couple of Xmas' ago). Each hung in the hall. They have now been folded but still sit on the box in which they should reside. How crap am I at both decorating and putting the decorations away?!!!