Monday, 16 January 2012

ever decreasing space

train I've been using a few main line trains to get around over the last few days. It made me decide to restart my Kindle newspaper subscription.

The previous one just stopped after I had another one of those card alerts where they phoned me to say they thought someone had been using my credit card.

That was way back in November and I think the bank might have been right on this occasion.

I agreed to let them stop the card and ordered another one but then some previously agreed payments also stopped working.

The Kindle newspaper was one and its only recently that I've noticed it again.

It's most useful when I'm travelling and only have intermittent connections because the paper downloads itself in a few seconds and is then fully available offline.

So planes and trains are the best uses.

Trains especially because the available space to read gets smaller and smaller as one approaches a busy destination.


Lois (three-legged-cat) said...

I can identify with that. I'd planned to work on the train back from London on Saturday, but my train was cancelled and I ended up lucky to get a seat, never mind a workspace. Had the Kindle in my bag though, so the hours passed quickly. Of course, heading away from London, the available space gets gradually bigger.

rashbre said...

Hi Lois It so annoying if one has mentally mapped out a plan for the journey also. I don't intend to over advocate Kindle, but nowadays it is a very useful and small piece of commuter equipment.

Imaginography said...

Not small but 'compact and bijou' Mostyn :) (if you remember the advert?!)

rashbre said...

bk definitely bijou.