Wednesday, 11 January 2012

component object model strikes back when all I want to do is type

London The last day has been a bit of a blur. I had a report to finish and some fancy calculations and it took pretty much from waking up until time to go to bed.

I finished the report and did the defensive 'double save' to ensure there was more than one copy around but then as I opened it again to check, I got one of those cryptic messages. Word popped up a little extra box in which it triumphantly proclaimed "Ole!"

Or more precisely "Ole error!" - I could almost hear the castanets.

Totally unhelpful. A Spanish error between me and all my hard work.

I shut down Windows, tapped my head whilst rubbing my tummy and then located an earlier version of the saved file. Hold breath and "File Open".

Fine. I was back in business, but now have a nagging doubt that Windows will be looking for another opportunity to eat the document I've created.


Imaginography said...

Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean that Bill Gates isn't out to get you! :D

Nikki-ann said...

I had something similar happen when building a website at work. In this instance, the electricity had failed when I'd saved the very nearly finished template. When I booted back up and opened the file it was completely empty! Thankfully I managed to find a temporary file which was complete and saved that! (Panic over!).

rashbre said...

bk I went into a bookshop to get a book about paranoia. I asked the assistant and she said "They're behind you" (boom-boom).

Nikki-ann Thank goodness we assume that if it can go wrong, then it will and so we save spare copies of everything.

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