Sunday, 4 December 2011

no seaside this week

not this weekend
This weekend I don't need to think about re-packing various bags for the next week of travel. It will be the first week in a month where I've not been travelling.

The view in the picture is approximately the one from my hotel when I've been away in the week - although this is actually from me walking closer to the pier to see the view from sea-level.

I've come to appreciate the sunrises and sunsets, the various rapidly changing weather and the speed at which the tides come in on this part of the coastline.

I'll still need to visit, but the next meetings are being scheduled for London instead. I'm sort of missing this deserted wintry seaside already.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

BEAUTIFUL Picture! YOu do seem to travel a great deal, my dear....And that looks like a lovely and mysterious view you had...! I LOVE Sunsets...! I probably would love Sunrises, too---But I'm never up for them.

rashbre said...

Hi Naomi And in late breaking news it looks as if I will be back there on Thursday.

Pat said...

But where are we? I'm not being lazy about scrolling back just getting 'The URL is not valid and
cannot be loaded.'