Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Liberty print

Liberty 1924
I mentioned we'd been in Liberty's shop for a bite to eat before the show. I thought it worth a further reference to this mock Tudor shop in Argyll Place.

The best way to show it is with the two pictures, from 1924 and another from now, that together illustrate that time may have moved along, but that the store appears somewhat unruffled by the busy area around it.

Parts inside are modernised, but other areas are still of another time, with hand written scrolled writing for the cashier station and a small lift that feels like one is travelling in a piece of oak furniture.

Sure, we were on the third floor among the fancy clothes with their untouchable price tags, the Alexander McQueen and Lady Ga-Ga scarves (between £125-£350) but nearby you could still buy a button, or a neatly folded off-cut of a Liberty print.

And plenty of people were. Liberty


Ellie said...

I once received a 25 quid voucher from Liberty. I bought a bar of soap.

rashbre said...

Ellie : I think the 100 gram Chembur soap bar at Liberty is £32 nowadays. But it is multi layered.

Nikki-ann said...

Is that just off Regent Street? I noticed that place when I was in London earlier this year and had never noticed it before!

rashbre said...

Nikki-ann It certainly is. Quite a well known London department store with some unusual items.