Friday, 30 December 2011

great games and limited television

Great Expectations
Yesterday I seem to remember having to slither around the floor hissing and spitting circular discs onto a target.

Fortunately we'd recorded the last episode of Great Expectations so we could watch that late at night after the rowdiness had subsided (somewhat).

Earlier in the day we'd gone out hunting for a wedding present and my car passengers invented another new game by shouting at the Sat-Nav whilst I was trying to tell the voice recognition the required destination. We did get some unexpected ones as a result - although I'm not sure that the process would catch on - or that I fancied driving to Helsinki.

During Great Expectations, I realised that we'd not really watched much telly at all over the entirety of the Christmas Season.

Mainly the Dickens three-parter (an atmospheric version with another adapted storyline that makes me want to re-read the story). Downton (not really my thing - and could one of the favourite characters really be consigned to 'the drop'?). Doctor Who (okay for a Christmas special - but the series needs a writerly re-vamp again). A Cee-Beebies program about Raymond the Squash (strangely compelling with small children and like minded adults around). And Ab-fab (which, unfortunately, wasn't - although the scene with that knitted jumper was good)

That's about all of the telly we watched, and most of that had been Sky Plussed.

But we did play rather a lot of silly games.


Ellie said...

Silly games are fun!

Nikki-ann said...

Not silly games played here (been too ill!), but not much TV watched either... It's been a weird Christmas reallly!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

LOVE silly! It sounds like you watched some interesting telly....The second season of "DOWNTON...." starts here next Sunday...I'm looking forward to it!

rashbre said...

All Yes - the Christmas season is the ideal excuse for a few silly games.

rashbre said...

Nikki-ann Trusting you are feeling better by now?