Monday, 7 November 2011

someone will be banged to rights

usual-suspects-1995-10-g I don't usually write about annoying personal things and it does take a bit to rile me.

But how about having your debit card cloned?

Maybe being contacted about it a few hours before starting a business trip?

Someone has been trying to buy things from BT with one of my cards. I gather they try a small purchase first and if it works they buy something bigger. Of course, we'll leave the card running so that the perpetrators get found out and suitably admonished (guv).

Meantime, I have to reset all kinds of things because its one of my main cards. Grr.

That was the same day that someone in a Jeep Cherokee backed into my unattended car. I wasn't there at the time but heard one of those announcements 'Is anyone the owner of a ....?'

Kudos to the three witnesses and the excellent description of the car, the driver, the passenger and the number plate as they drove away without admitting they had done anything wrong.

Processes are in place for both situations.


Ellie said...

Someone hit my mom's car in a parking lot a few years back. He must have been in a hurry because he left, but he also left a note and promised to pay for any damage. The guy ended up paying my mom something like fifty bucks a week over the course of six months because he had a cash flow problem; but he paid! Even made my mom happy to know there are still suchnpeople in the world.

Lady Banana said...

Despicable people who commit credit/debit card crime. I've been a victim, it was just before Christmas several years ago - very bad timing..

Imaginography said...

Hopefully that's the end of your run of bad luck. I hope the perps got their comeuppance.