Thursday, 24 November 2011

people switching centre

It's sometimes difficult to know which item to select for a blog post. Sometimes there's plenty going on and then it becomes difficult to choose. Other times it's quiet and then can be tricky to think of something.

I doubt if too many people want to hear about my experiments with pot noodle cuisine, for example.

Of course, a ready source of material is the observance of surroundings and I've had a couple of good examples of that recently, with different gangs of people.

A few days ago we were on our way back from a music gig and sat together in a bar area, where, on one side was a corridor leading to a very very early Christmas party. On the other side was another corridor leading to a different bar rammed to the edges with people in 'Premier league footballers and their friends on a fancy night out' outfits.

There was much to observe as the various shimmering groups criss-crossed somewhat erratically through our seated zone.

It was very different from a couple of nights earlier when we'd chatted in an attic bar where it was actually easy to get a drink.

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